Monday, July 5, 2010


~.~ is July already ^.^

I have been very busy with work and life these days; the free times I do have, have been used for sleeping. I am always thinking about the site and the amazing girls I work with. My main translator is just the best person in the world and I am super happy to have met her.

Today, I bring you a one shot scanned by a very generous person. Her name is Kuinni; some of you guys might notice that name before and that is because she is an active scanner for the scanlation world. Please give her a huge hug for donnating this one shot to us ( I don't recall seeing it in my magazine...and so without her, we would not have had this one shot to release today).

The editing is done by another new editor (but I had asked her to help me edit this project since my editing was terrible and if you guys were still waiting on my editing, I might be able to finish it by Christmas :P). I think Khayos did a really nice job on cleaning up all the dust; there was a lot of dust. Love the fonts choice she picked for this one shot, I think I spent 1 hours picking out fonts when I was trying to edit this one shot (fail!!)

Proofreading was done by MCPanda, I think MCPanda did a very good job in proofing this project. It made my QCing job a lot easier. Thank you MCPanda!!

Huge thanks to my translator Sakura. I asked her last minute to translate this and she did it so fast that I couldn't even believe I had given it to her a couple days before. I think that is record time!! I think this site/scanlation can only exist because of Sakura (I know it isn't because of me lol) hard work and dedication to bring everyone translation.

If you guys wish to see more fast releases (I would like that too), it would be awesome if I could get one dedicated proofreader, editor and a QCer (would be nice). Having another Japanese translator would be very helpful to finish off Cyboy. As for anything else, I don't think I will be be picking up anymore one shot until I get at least one proofreader and one editor.

Today release is called Bara to Dangan.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little backward

I know chapter 2 and 3 was release but that doesn't mean we forgot about chapter 1. Tonight I am releasing chapter1 for everyone who been waiting to read chapter done by our amazing translator (Waffle) and editor/QCer (Chiresakura).

Chapter 1 by us is being uploaded to Manga Toshokan, Manga Traders, and Manga Helpers. If you choose to download the chapter in Manga Helpers, please look for chapter 1 on Chiresakura's webpage.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chapter 3

Here is chapter 3 of Cyboy. It will be announced later by our joint partner. In the mean time for those who are following this blog, you guys get to read chapter 3 first :D.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Project


CYBOY is our newest ongoing project.

Our first project done by someone other than Takagi Shigeyoshi.

Please give a huge round of applauses to the Waffle (translator), Chiresakura (QCer) and Kawaii Corner for editing and proofreading. The joint for this chapter start on chapter 2.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ever wonder why?
Why do we count like that (1,2,3...)?
Why can't we count like this (1,11,2,22...)

LOL... every thing above this line make no sense.

*Hit head against table*

*back to reality*

1 update

We will soon have another release.