Sunday, October 4, 2009



That is the surprise!!

/me dodge the flying veggies and fruits.
/me pick up a watermelon and throw it back at the booing fans.

I guess no one like the joke.

Here is the real surprise (look below). We're like CLAMP! We started out with X amount of girls (equally amazing) and super awesome but as we continue our travel through the world of manga, we lost one of our member but the lost has only made us stronger since we all love Ran!! Unlike CLAMP, we can't draw but we can do everything else (even speak Japanese, at least one of us can)!!

RAN!!! <3


If you like tonight surprise, please leave us a post. If you feel like joining our team, please leave us a post :D.

Friday, October 2, 2009


kyaaa!! GUYS! Have you heard Takagi Shigeyoshi has a new CUTE oneshot called "FILM GIRL"!!! *panic mode*
I'm really excited about it!! :D
Just like everyone, everytime I read Takagi Shigeyoshi-sensei and Morie Satoshi-sensei's works... it's like I'm seeing RAN (from Hana ni Arashi ^-^) in a lot of different sides!! *kyaa*
Well, I read a lot of manga (no doubt about that :P ) and like them all a lot, but... you know... Takagi-sensei's works are just IRRESISTEBLY CUTE!! :D
need to cool down a bit... ^_^"

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Have you anyone read her newest work??? There are puppies and doggies!! It is just soo cute!! The art is very pretty!! Have anyone seen her sister's site? It's such nice site, very simple. So, I was thinking how this blog, clandestine fangirl, need to do more for our favorite mangaka. Yup!! So, like come back and visit us soon for a very nice SURPRISE.