Friday, October 2, 2009


kyaaa!! GUYS! Have you heard Takagi Shigeyoshi has a new CUTE oneshot called "FILM GIRL"!!! *panic mode*
I'm really excited about it!! :D
Just like everyone, everytime I read Takagi Shigeyoshi-sensei and Morie Satoshi-sensei's works... it's like I'm seeing RAN (from Hana ni Arashi ^-^) in a lot of different sides!! *kyaa*
Well, I read a lot of manga (no doubt about that :P ) and like them all a lot, but... you know... Takagi-sensei's works are just IRRESISTEBLY CUTE!! :D
need to cool down a bit... ^_^"

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  1. Hello clandestine fangirls.
    I will admit my cold useless vestige of a heart goes doki doki whenever I think of Ran entangling his fingers in Riko's (or my! ^^) hair.
    So you've heard of Film girl yes? Whats the story of that anyway? I cant even find a summary anywhere. Sorry this isnt manipulative... I'm just happy to find a Ran fanatic. Myon!