Tuesday, December 22, 2009


**Running at full speed**
***Hitting a wall at full speed***
Release must go on!! Tonight we make our 2nd release!! Kudos for this release goes to Roronoah (our new Japanese translator), Momoeri (our head Japanese translator/proofreader) and our very special editor (Lat)!! Thanks to Lat, we were able to get this special Christmas one shot out to you. If you are wondering about the other team members, one is tired from baking, one is brain fried with studying and the last one is just...

Anyway, HUGE thanks goes out to Roronoah, Momoeri and Lat!!
Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IPIEK10H


  1. omg you're my heroes! I really love TAKAGI Shigeyoshi and MORIE Satoshi's work! Honestly I feel like they are the same person since both their art looks identical! They have so many oneshots and series published so I can't wait to read everyone of them! thanks for sharing and have a nice holiday<3

  2. Thank you very much for this release, I really liked the first oneshot your group released so I'm excited to read this one :D
    Again thanks a lot and I really appreciate the staff hard work ^__^

  3. @nycmango: Yeah, we also like them <3 And the fact that their twins/siblings is connected to why they're art looks identical, I guess. ^_^
    We're glad you enjoyed them.
    Happy Holidays :)

    @Rizzz: Hope you enjoyed them ^-^/
    Look forward to our next project ;)
    Happy Holidays :)

  4. Thank you! This oneshot was awesome *O*

  5. Thank you for this release also

    may I pretty please host your projects at ??

    Site: Life, manga, Ann

    at: http://annawesomepeople.blogspot.com/

  6. Thank you for the reply!! Have a great new year start with life~~

  7. I love this oneshot, tank you for released it.
    I have a Spanish Fansub, Gesshoku Fansub: http://gesshokufansub.blogspot.com/
    I would like you to give us permission to translate to Spanish this oneshot.
    We'll put a link to your blog and we'll provide porper credit.

  8. @Hanarashi: Sorry for the late reply... We're kind of busy lately >_<
    Permission Granted. :) Thanks for asking. :D

    I hope you'll enjoy translating this like the way we did. ^-^/
    Goodluck! ^o^

  9. Thank you very much !!!!!

    I really love mangas from This twin sister!

    love you.